Drilling is still necessary.

Throwing away a billion dollars of recoverable drilling fluid is not.

Nearly all drilling operations dump and dilute drilling fluid in order to keep the percentage of low gravity solids down. More than one billion dollars is thrown away in direct losses of drilling fluid every year. This does not include transportation, exposure to liability, and disposal.

Based on the number of worldwide drilling rigs August 2021

When we saw the amount of waste haul-offs for drilling mud, we responded. Not all drilling programs are the same. But, based on typical oil and mineral based drilling programs in the United States, thousands and thousands of barrels of waste drilling fluid is hauled off for disposal everyday. This usually means deep well injection back into our planet.

We live here, and our families live here too, this binds us together. It drives us to innovate and discover the best solutions for recovering critical energy resources to keep our world safe while we transition to new energy resources.

We live here too.